5 Ways to Decorate with Birdcage Lanterns

Posted on: 13 May 2020

A birdcage lantern is often an elaborate décor item. They're made out of metal and typically feature a black, white, or metallic finish. They often have a stand in the center to put a tea light, but many models offer a flat bottom so you can fill the interior however you'd like. Some feature open cages while others offer glass sides.

A birdcage lantern can complement your décor in many ways. Below are a few ways you can decorate with them.

1. Patio Lounge

The patio represents a whole room for you to decorate to your liking. You can make lighting an important part of that plan. An attractive option is to create an outdoor lounge. Indeed, you could implement a theme with Moroccan textiles on top of a cushioned bench. Use birdcage lanterns on a shelf behind the bench or flanking it for lighting.

2. Outdoor Stair Illumination

Another outdoor area that could benefit from birdcage lanterns is a stairway. If you have a wide stairway, you could install lanterns on either side of the steps to illuminate the passageway. You could retrofit the lanterns with solar-powered LED lights or even wire them so you could illuminate them with a switch.

3. Buffet Table Vignette

Many interior designers like to set a tall, narrow buffet table along an unused wall. They decorate the top with a vignette. For this idea, consider setting out two birdcage lanterns, one on either side of the table. Look for pieces in the center with varying heights so that some are shorter and some are taller than the lantern. A mirror behind this vignette would double up on the décor value.

4. Mantel Anchor

The mantel is another area that serves as a good base for lanterns. Since the mantel is much narrower than a buffet table, consider using the lanterns as the anchor of your décor. For instance, you could get an odd number of lanterns in different sizes. Fill the largest one with some décor item and illuminate the others. Candles, pictures, and vases would be good complements.

5. Seasonal Décor

As noted, you don't have to fill birdcage lanterns with illumination. They make good frames for other items. You could use that idea to decorate for the seasons. For example, you could fill the interior with brightly-colored bulbs for Christmas. Another idea is to put a simple fern and a bird's nest inside for spring décor.

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