Learn How To Give Your Kitchen An Updated Look With A Corrugated Metal Ceiling

Posted on: 18 January 2018

There are many people who want to decorate their kitchen so that it has a new look but do not want to spend a ton of money on the updates. A great way to make your kitchen look new without spending a fortune is to add corrugated metal to the ceiling. Corrugated metal will give your kitchen character.

When you purchase the metal, you may want to consider giving the metal an aged look to maximize the character it adds to the room. The following guide walks you through the process you need to follow to add corrugated metal to your kitchen in a stylish way.

Take Measurements of Your Kitchen's Ceiling

You first need to know how many square feet your kitchen ceiling has. Measure the width of the ceiling and the length of the ceiling. Take the two numbers and multiply them with one another to determine how many square feet of corrugated metal you need. It is best to purchase one extra sheet of metal so that you can be sure you have enough metal to piece together in case a cut is not done properly.

Cut the Metal into the Right Sized Pieces

Measure each piece of metal and determine how you need to cut it in order to cover the ceiling. You more than likely will need to trim some of the panels to make them fit perfectly. Cutting metal can be difficult and dangerous to do, so wear protective gloves to decrease the chances of getting hurt.

Lay the pieces of metal flat on the ground and use a pair of metal snips to trim the metal where you feel it needs to be trimmed. The edges will be very sharp. Smooth the edges with a sanding pad to ensure they do not cut you when you hang the pieces.

Drill Holes Along the Edges of the Metal

Once you have finished aging and cutting the pieces, you need to drill holes around the edges of the pieces every three to four inches. This will allow you to easily use screws when attaching the metal to the ceiling.

Attach the Metal Pieces to the Ceiling

Have someone hold the metal pieces into place and then use a drill to carefully screw screws into the small holes you created to attach the pieces to the ceiling. You need to be sure that the pieces are secure before the person lets go of them.

Once the pieces are hung in place, you can use wood molding around the edges of the room to create a finished look. Be sure to use molding that pairs well with the other elements in the room. For more information, contact a business such as DC Interiors & Renovations.