5 Tips For Decorating A Small Room

Posted on: 12 September 2017

Interior design magazines sometimes focus on grand rooms with seeming acres of space. The reality is that most people don't have such large rooms. People living in historical or small houses, townhomes, and apartments want their rooms to look just as attractive. Utilize these five tips to make your small space look stylish and even feel larger:

Reflect Light Back into the Room

One way to make your room feel larger is by creating a light and airy ambiance. Glass and metal are ideal materials for this. However, nothing reflects better than a mirror. Choose either a single large mirror or a series of smaller mirrors. Hang the mirror strategically so it reflects light without creating a glare — a wall adjacent to a window works well. As a bonus, mirrors also increase the visual space by reflecting the room.

Carry a Neutral Color Through

Small rooms don't mean you have to shy away from a bold color palette. However, the key is to ground it with a consistent neutral. For example, you could decorate with navy blue and red for a classic, Cape Cod feel. Just choose your neutral for the walls, and repeat that color in the sofa and other large areas throughout the room.

Choose Floating Furniture

You're not going to actually buy furniture that levitates. Rather, you want furniture items that feel light. Home and Garden TV suggests looking for furniture pieces with thin legs and open bottoms. You can also opt for visually light materials, such as metal and glass. Modern furniture is ideal in this case because it features sleek lines in those industrial materials.

Create a Gallery Display

Another "floating" item you can utilize is a set of floating shelves. These can house your gallery display. This display should include a carefully curated collection of decorative objects and mementos. You can even tie them together with a theme, such as travel or beach-time. Gallery displays are ideal for small rooms because they utilize wall space instead of counter space, which is limited in petite areas.

Keep Storage Open-Style

Just as the floating shelves don't clutter the visual space, you don't want the rest of your storage to look closed off. You could choose open shelving with a system of attractive containers for stashing small items. Likewise, when it comes to cabinetry, open up the doors with glass panels — solid wood panels impede the sight line.

Talk to an interior design service about how best to beautify your small rooms.