Design Ideas For A Dual Home Office And Guest Room Set-Up

Posted on: 21 July 2016

If you are like most people, you need to maximize the space in your home. For those that are self-employed or depend upon a home office, it can be even more challenging to find the space. Once way to pull it off is to design a multi-purpose room that is an office most of the time, but can easily be transformed into a guest room when visitors are expected. The following design tips can show you how.

Tip #1: Go with stow-away bedding

Chances are you don't want there to always be a bed in your office, especially if clients ever come to the location. You have several options available. The simplest option is to go for a fold-away bed. The modern hide-a-bed is much different than those of the past. You can get a small loveseat that contains a bed but still offers cool modern lines that are suitable for an office.

Another option is to skip the hide-a-bed and instead opt for a Murphy-style bed, which is housed in a cabinet. The cabinet looks like another piece of furniture for storage, but open the doors and a bed can drop out. One benefit of this bed is that you can get a better quality mattress, which makes your guests more comfortable.

Tip #2: Enclose your desk

You don't want your work items being on display when guests are visiting. You may even be required to lock up things for simple customer security reasons. An armoire-style desk is an excellent choice. When being used as a desk, it features a slide out keyboard tray, a monitor shelf, plus plenty of space for storage. When you need to stow everything, you simply slide the trays and shelves back inside and shut the door. Many styles even come with locks. The benefit of this desk style is that it has slim lines so it doesn't take up much space.

If you work on a laptop, then you may not need a large desk. In this case you can err on the side of tradition. Consider a classic rolltop desk or a writing desk. Both of these styles have lids that can come down to hide your work. These also come in varieties with locking tops and drawers. Keep in mind that these desks have a wider footprint, so you will need more room. They also do not provide room for storage, so you may also need a storage or filing cabinet.

For more help in designing your office/guest room, contact interior design services in your area.